Mastering Mindset & Self-Care

Written by Joanne David
June 10, 2024

Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success

This blog looks at the importance of Mastering Mindset and self-care in business and how we can catch and support ourselves. Even when others around us have lost faith in us and our abilities because they do not understand or are sure of what we are doing or why it takes so long to get the parts moving forward to grow your business.

Mindset and Self-Care

In the whirlwind of entrepreneurship. It’s easy to get lost in all the various parts of being an entrepreneur and what is involved in creating and managing our businesses. Losing sight of the importance of mindset and self-care can bring many issues within ourselves. Recent events have shown me that mindset helps. I’ve realised just how crucial it is to prioritise our mental and physical well-being as we navigate the ups and downs of business ownership and life. Nothing like breaking your arm and the recovery that comes with it as a life lesson.

Failures are lessons:

When others doubt your vision or question your abilities, it can be challenging to stay the course. But it’s during these moments of uncertainty that our mindset truly matters. Rather than allowing external voices to dictate our confidence. We can learn to cultivate a belief in ourselves and our dreams. This has meant embracing the mantra that every setback is an opportunity for growth and viewing challenges. A stepping stone to success. After all, failures are not failures. They are lessons.

Mindset Matters

A positive mindset is vital in keeping the blinkers on, having self-belief in all you do, and reaching the end goal in mind. Find your supporting crew that will be your cheerleader in all areas and your go-to when you find it challenging. Having an end goal and mini goals can help us keep going, but also factors in self-care. Remember, self-neglect is a dangerous path to fall into and is the enemy of progress. No one gets into business to be exhausted and unhappy. Yet many of us become so business-focused and forget that without us in the business, there is no business. Let us change this.

The Power of Your Purpose:

At the heart of our entrepreneurial journey lies our ‘why’—the driving force behind our decisions and actions. Simple moments, like catching a glimpse of my son and our dog cuddled up, remind me of one of my purposes. They are not just my family. They are my inspiration. My motivation is to keep pushing forward even when the road ahead seems daunting. This sense of purpose fuels my passion and propels me through the inevitable challenges of entrepreneurship. Take time and think about why you are doing what you are doing. Then, keep asking a few more times till you have no more to write out, dig deep, let your purpose surface, and break free.

Empty the old and bring in the new:

We can help ourselves by taking the time to help ourselves, keeping our minds focused on achieving each step in business and personal progress. By drowning out the noise around us, be it social media, people we know and around us, and looking at what sits and feels right with you. This can be part of our overload, and the need to fit in or achieve like others has an impact.

When we get overwhelmed and do not empty the overloads, frustrations, or another way to look at it, the old files clog up the cabinet, so to speak, with no room for new ones. This will hinder our progress forward, as there is no room in the cabinet for new ideas/information. Clearing out the old files can make more progress.

Are we asking ourselves why are we doing this? Is this where we genuinely want to be going? Am I looking forward or reflecting on the past?

Creating Mindset & Self-Care Space for Growth:

Just as we declutter our physical spaces to make room, decluttering our minds has the same effect. Journaling has been my saving grace, providing a safe space to unload my thoughts and make sense of the chaos around me. While I may not journal daily, I’ve realised it’s not the frequency but the act—clearing out the mental clutter to make room for fresh ideas and insights. Practice gratitude every day and set daily intentions, not the intentions of a to-do list.

Honestly, I thought that was what others meant, so I would write out my job list for the day and tick off what I had done. It is a personal one. For example, Today, I am going to be loving and patient with all I come across in my day. If you have tiny humans, this can be a trial and error. Even if you do not have faith in yourself, the more you practice, the better it gets.

Finding Your Mindset & Self-Care Path

Often, tips on helping ourselves are standard advice, such as journaling. I thought that was all nonsense. While I may not do it every day, as I have said above, I have found that it helps make room. The action of the writing does more offloading than the talking. I will journal on weekday mornings, but only if needed on the weekend.

Not journaling like I saw others talk about or advise we should do every day did cause some mindset issues. I felt I should be doing it every day without fail. Then, I realised I was not one for strictly following what I had thought was the rule of journaling. I discovered that I like to carve out my way through trial and error till I find what works for me. This made me uncomfortable and a bit stressed out. Now, I see it as a path that works for me with no pressure attached to it, and I use what others do as a guide and inspiration to help me find my path.

I believe self-care should fit in with you. After all, it should make you feel great.

 Embrace Movement Every Day for Mindset & Self-Care

Self-care is about bringing you joy by doing things you enjoy. Too often, self-care is viewed as selfish, and some feel there is no time to have some time to themselves. Introducing self-care, I get that it can feel uncomfortable. We all can positively push ourselves out of our comfort zone to get on and move forward.

Sometimes, it feels like a stretch too far, but Stretching ourselves is a good thing and brings on some of the best challenges you will experience. Bring in movement to help your energy flow and health benefits. Everyday

Self-care should be personal and helpful to you. If it does not fit in yet, try something else and, above all, be kind to yourself about it. All too often, we can chastise ourselves for not fitting in. We are not puzzle pieces. We are human and complex. 

Movement Tips:

Sitting at a desk all day blocks and slows the flow of Mindset & Self-Care. You need to get the blood flowing, which helps the brain waves. Some of my best ideas have come from standing at the kettle, making tea, and marching a little on the spot. Putting on your favorite tunes and have a little dance can really lift your mood.

Do you like the gym or somewhere else?

If you are not a gym person but like exercising at home. Plenty of short exercises on YouTube are very effective for people of all ages and fitness levels. I have two go-to for workout and yoga. I love a bit of standing, stretchy yoga. It helps straighten me out, which I need as I am only 5ft 2. 

Connecting with the Outside World

Then, there is the outside world. I know many of us forget about the outside world, but it is where the sun can shine and lift us up. Unless, of course, you are more of a person who dances in the rain. Regardless of the weather, breathing the outdoor air is excellent for the mind, body, and soul. When I broke my arm, I learned a harsh lesson about self-care. Specifically, asking for help when needed or accepting help when offered is vital for us entrepreneurs. No dancing in the rain with a cast on, unfortunately. Luckily, the weather was sunny, so I enjoyed the sun’s warmth. How about you?

Prioritising Mindset & Self-Care

Amid deadlines and deliverables, it’s too easy to neglect our mindset and well-being. But self-care isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Especially for entrepreneurs. Whether carving out time for daily journaling, incorporating movement into our routines, or simply stepping outside to breathe fresh air. Self-care plays a vital role in maintaining our mental clarity and resilience. As I’ve learned through personal experience, neglecting self-care only leads to burnout and hinders our ability to show up fully in our businesses and lives. As entrepreneurs, we juggle many hats and countless responsibilities. But amidst the chaos, it’s essential to remember to prioritise our mindset and well-being. 

You can survive and thrive.

We can survive and thrive on our entrepreneurial journey by cultivating a positive mindset, honouring our purpose, and practising regular self-care. So, let’s take a moment to breathe, then reflect on our journey, and finally recommit to ourselves and our dreams. For it’s only by nurturing our growth that we can truly make an impact in the world.

Empower your Entrepreneurial Journey:

As we journey through entrepreneurship, it’s vital to have a supportive community by our side. That’s why I’ve created a Facebook Breakthrough Business Community group. A space where like minded individuals can share insights, offer support, and explore growth opportunities.

hether you’re seeking advice on navigating mindset challenges or craving connection with fellow entrepreneurs, our community is here to inspire and support you. Moreover, if you want inspiration to fuel your journey, we are here for you. Join us today and discover the power of collective wisdom in propelling your business forward.

The path to success does not have to be a lonely one. Let’s embrace the journey together, prioritise our well-being, and unlock our full potential.

Come and say hello in the Facebook Breakthrough Business Community group.

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