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I’m Joanne – Your Business Ally and Mentor at Chapter Foundations. 

Have you ever felt like you need help navigating a business maze, wondering which turn to take or which steps to follow? I’ve been there, and I get it.

 Running a business isn’t just about numbers and strategies; it’s a journey filled with twists and turns and sometimes flaming hoops. 

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Here to Make Your Journey Easier: 

You have dreams and a vision. I’m here to guide you with my breakthrough session if you need help or are overwhelmed. Picture me as your friendly co-pilot, helping you navigate the challenges and build the foundations of your business with a smile.

I am a stepping stone in a journey to help bring your vision to life. 

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My Journey to Your Service:

I started my bookkeeping venture from scratch, and let me tell you, it could have been smoother sailing. I’ve had to decipher social media and dive into cloud accounting. Hours of research, webinars, compliance, and a bit of trial and error have led me to where I am today.

Even through all of this, I was still not happy and struggling. Then, I found a business mindset coach Leah, and a year later, everything changed for the better. While I enjoy solving bookkeeping problems and bringing order to business owners’ bookkeeping, I still needed to reach my purpose.

Then, one day, I was reviewing my business strategy, and it occurred to me that I was helping people, but different from how I love to help people, and that is where the VIP call started and still is a feature on my Chapter Bookkeeping website.

I love hearing others’ ideas on what they want they want for their business; I find them inspiring. No matter their business, I am always learning something new from others and helping them push through, find their own direction, and solve their queries.

The moment when it all becomes more straightforward and the excitement comes back for their business is fantastic.

I love learning and sharing new skills so sole traders, self-employed people, or entrepreneur business owners can build their businesses faster with hope, clarity and progress.

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Why Connect with Me:


  • Mentorship Tailored to You: Join me for a cosy Foundations breakthrough call where we’ll chat about bookkeeping setup, social media magic, and crafting a business strategy that fits like a glove. No jargon, just friendly advice.
  • Learning Together: I’m a perpetual learner, constantly adding new skills to my toolkit. The Chapter Foundations Breakthrough Call showcases some nifty website skills I picked up – all thanks to The Website Mentor.
  • Transforming Challenges into Wins: After our chat, my clients often leave with more than just answers; they go with hope, clarity, and a step-by-step plan to move forward. Your hurdles become stepping stones to success.

All I can say is thank you. You have helped me so much today. As a new business and not really having a clue where to start. Joanne has helped me so much today. Got me motivated to do the task that I needed to do. The advice that I needed was great.

Joanne is so motivated and full of energy, and so helpful with her advice. I have ticked off most of my task list for today.

With Joanne’s Knowledge and advice, I have started to take charge of what I need to do.