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Are you frustrated with your business processes,  bookkeeping setup, marketing, and business strategy planning?

Discover Solutions in Our Foundations Breakthrough Session!

Welcome to our Foundations breakthrough session page

An immersive experience crafted for Sole trader, Self-employed and Entrepreneurs seeking breakthroughs.  With the Chapter Foundations Breakthrough call, we will dive deep into your business needs and goals with a two-hour mentoring support session covering bookkeeping setup, marketing, and business strategy planning and more.

Unleash your business’s full potential through steps and tips in a guided session.

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A session with Joanne is like a breath of fresh air for your business. Her expertise in bookkeeping, combined with creative marketing insights and strategic business planning, helped me see my business in a new light. Don’t miss out on this empowering experience


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Who is the Foundation Breakthrough Session for?

It’s designed for small business owners seeking a supportive, nonjudgmental space to discuss ideas and navigate exciting possibilities. It lasts up to 2 hours, and I suggest blocking out 2 hours in your calendar.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned entrepreneur.

If you are unhappy with your business setup, longing to establish a solid foundation, or looking to enhance your knowledge without the overwhelming of extensive research, this session is for you.

There’s no judgment in the Foundation Breakthrough Session.

I understand as I’ve experienced the same struggles. Together, we’ll ensure your business has the essential groundwork needed to flourish.

Because, much like any structure, a solid foundation is vital to building the life and business you desire. Let’s embark on this journey and pave the way for your success, your way.

Joanne’s Foundations Breakthrough Session is a game-changer! In just two hours, I gained invaluable insights into bookkeeping, marketing, and business strategy. Her personalized approach and actionable advice have transformed my business journey. Highly recommend


This tailored service encompasses

1. Bookkeeping:

We will look at what you have set up or discuss what is needed in your basic bookkeeping setup. We will ensure that the bookkeeping will work for you and help you gain crystal-clear insights into essential monthly bookkeeping tasks for your business’s financial health. We’ll explore suitable bookkeeping systems or fine-tune your existing one for seamless operations. We will also discuss your weekly or monthly schedule structure to stay on top of the bookkeeping.

Why, I hear you ask?

The finance of your business is vital to the growth of the business. By staying on top of your bookkeeping, you will empower yourself and the business with knowledge of the following:

  1. Potential profit
  2. Tax
  3. future business growth
  4. Alerts if something is not right in the finances

These are just a few benefits of staying on top of your Business bookkeeping.

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2. Creative Marketing Brainstorm:

Need more clarification about marketing strategies? Social media marketing is an ever-changing world that is not always easy to navigate. Let’s collaborate and brainstorm ideas to elevate your brand. Whether you are new to social media marketing, already managing your marketing, or seeking a fresh perspective, I’ll share knowledge and guidance to promote your business creatively.

Whether you are using FaceBook, Instagram or Linkedin. Each one has their own way about them. Keeping up with the changes can be like chasing your tail. We will explore what suits you best and where your potential clients may hang out.

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3. Strategic Business Planning:

Through attentive listening, we’ll dive into your:

  • Business plan of action
  • Innovative ideas
  • Strategic goals

If there is no business plan yet, no worries. It took me a while to work out where I wanted my business to go, and then it changed, and then it changed a few times again. But that is the great part of the business plan: it is not written in stone and is up for change as you grow in confidence and the business grows. No business starts out with one plan and stays on that course.

As you develop your business idea and skills, you will have potential in other paths and can map out a new business strategy. As a new business owner, I started on the bookkeeping path and planned all around that, and now I have a much bigger and bolder plan. While still involving bookkeeping, it has grown to include social media marketing and business strategy because I see so many new or seasoned business owners struggling. I love helping others and getting the absolute joy of seeing others build their businesses.  One of the advantages to self employment.

My clients often come to me frustrated and confused. They leave with a smile, feeling relaxed and more confident and having a plan of action. 

A recap, we will cover in a Foundations Breakthrough session. 

Bookkeeping set up 


Business strategy 

And more

Each section has an important part to play, as well as mind set. So, we take each step one at a time and bring in hope, clarity and progress. You no longer need to do it all alone. 

This is the call for you.  

All done through Google Meet and recorded for training and informational purposes.

I approached Joanne, feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of bookkeeping and marketing. The Foundations Breakthrough Session provided me with a clear roadmap and actionable strategies. Joanne’s passion for helping entrepreneurs shines through, making the session informative and enjoyable.


The Foundations Breakthrough Sessions is also known as the VIP Call on my Chapter Bookkeeping website, where you can find all the details for the bookkeeping services I offer if you are looking for a virtual independent bookkeeper.