Chapter Foundations offers entrepreneurial guidance and expert support in bookkeeping, social media marketing, growth planning, and business process consulting and more, all aimed at building a strong business foundation.

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Are you a passionate entrepreneur navigating the challenges of business ownership? We understand the journey, and Chapter Foundations is your guiding light.

Download a free business checklist with tick boxes and information to help you on your entrepreneurial  journey.

Why Choose Chapter Foundations?

Boost Your Business with Confidence:

Gain essential insights and practical guidance on bookkeeping, marketing, business strategy and more. Whether you’re starting fresh or seeking expert advice for an existing venture, my straightforward approach ensures clarity, answers to your questions, and tailored plans for a robust business foundation.

Simplified Setup for Growth:

There is no complex jargon – just plain and easy-to-understand support. We’re here to listen, guide, and provide a solid foundation for your business to flourish. Grow your business with ease, whether you’re a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur seeking a fresh perspective.

Your Business Journey, Simplified:

Experience a simplified journey with practical solutions, attentive guidance, and a supportive ear. Develop essential skills in marketing, bookkeeping, and business strategy to confidently navigate your entrepreneurial path. From beginners in the entrepreneurial journey to experienced business proprietors, our approach focuses on your unique needs, ensuring a confident and booming business venture.

What Our Clients Say

“Chapter Foundations brought clarity to my business strategy. The personalized support is a game-changer!” – Sarah.

“Joanne’s expertise in bookkeeping and business strategy is unmatched. The VIP Service is a must-try!” – Mark.

How It Works

Book Your Call:

Schedule a call to discuss your business challenges, goals, and aspirations.

Personalised Consultation:

Enjoy a two-hour session focused on your unique needs, from bookkeeping to business strategy.

Transformative Strategies:

Receive actionable strategies to enhance your bookkeeping, marketing, and overall business approach.

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Meet Joanne – Your Dedicated Partner

 Your friendly startup advisor and business processes mentor. Further along and a seasoned business owner and want a fresh look to your business to give it a boost, let’s have a chat.

  With a passion for helping entrepreneurs like you, I specialise in providing mentorship and education to guide you through every step of your business journey.

Within a few minutes of chatting, Joanne pointed out something glaringly obvious I could do to boost my website SEO that I’d completely overlooked – simple action, really big boost for my business! This lady knows her stuff. If you’re starting out in business and you need someone to help pull together all the things you *should* be doing – or you’re further along and you need a helping hand to see what you’re missing – then absolutely give her a shout.


The Foundations Breakthrough Sessions is also known as the VIP Call on my Chapter Bookkeeping website, where you can find all the details for the bookkeeping services I offer if you are looking for a virtual independent bookkeeper.