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Welcome to  Foundations Focus personalised guidance Group Calls

Sessions that  are guided by your  needs and priorities

Personalised Guidance in a Supportive Space

Chapter Foundations Focus sessions provide personalised guidance in a supportive, safe space, addressing your specific challenges and aspirations.  For £20 per person.

Ignite Your Business Journey

Ready to ignite your business journey and unlock its full potential? Whether you’re frustrated, stuck, or needing clarity, I am here to help you progress.

Transformative Mentoring Sessions

Join us for a transformative one-hour mentoring session designed exclusively for sole traders, self-employed individuals, and entrepreneurs like you. Led by Joanne, these intimate small-group sessions (limited to just five participants) promise an exhilarating journey of discovery and growth.

Unwavering Support for Your Success

What sets Foundations Focus sessions apart is our unwavering support. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned, experienced entrepreneur. Our dynamic, non-judgmental space allows you to brainstorm ideas, tackle challenges, and explore thrilling possibilities for your business.

Our agenda is laser-focused on delivering tangible results tailored to your needs:

  • Bookkeeping Breakthrough: Gain crystal-clear insights and master essential tasks to turbocharge your financial health.
  • Creative Marketing Blitz: Ignite your brand’s presence by collaborating and brainstorming ideas to elevate your brand
  • Strategic Business Overhaul: Craft innovative strategies and actionable plans to propel your business to new heights.

Laser-Focused Agenda for Tangible Results

Guided by your unique needs, our sessions ensure you receive personalised guidance and support throughout. Armed with knowledge and actionable insights. You’ll confidently conquer challenges and seize opportunities.

Ready to Unleash Your Business’s True Potential?

Ready to unleash your business’s true potential? Secure your spot for our next Foundations Focus session.embark on an electrifying journey toward greatness.


Within a few minutes of chatting, Joanne pointed out something glaringly obvious I could do to boost my website SEO that I’d completely overlooked – simple action, really big boost for my business! This lady knows her stuff. If you’re starting out in business and you need someone to help pull together all the things you *should* be doing – or you’re further along and you need a helping hand to see what you’re missing – then absolutely give her a shout.


Ready for a more personalised call take a leap into the Breakthrough 1-1 call.